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Weightlifting Fundamentals Course

This course teaches the participants the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. Perfect for the novice lifter, trainer or gym goer looking to expand their skills.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion.



The course is run over 5 weeks or as a 1 day intensive.



There are 5 sessions (modules). Two modules are theory based and 3 modules are practical workshop sessions. Each module runs for 1.5 hours.









  • Module 1 (Physiology / Weightlifting Anatomy): This Module will cover the physiological effects and performance benefits Olympic weightlifting has to offer. It will also briefly cover basic programming procedure and anatomy.
  • Module 2 (Mobility – Part Practical): This Module will go into depth on weightlifting specific mobility, stretches and trigger point release methods. Part theory part practical, this will also give the student the opportunity to learn how to identify and self-administer the correct stretches and mobility techniques.
  • Module 3 (Practical): Fundamental Movements of the Front squat, Back squat and clean pull deadlift including progressions.
  • Module 4 (Practical): Fundamental Movements of the Overhead squat, power clean and push press including progressions.
  • Module 5 (Practical): Fundamental Movements of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk including progressions.

There is no requirement to participate in the practical component if you are unable to.



CJ Ferguson


Testimonial from Marilyn Shilkin

“My first experience with PTC was fantastic as I decided to do my first novice powerlifting comp at the start of the year Paul and Dan have been nothing but a wealth of support in training and programming.

I have been a personal trainer in Perth for around 6 years so found it refreshing to deal with extremely professional and knowledgeable staff at PTC. The wealth of knowledge and great vibes within the gym puts PTC up there with the gyms in perth for sure.

Then I was offered a spot to train under Bob Pavone one of the best Olympic lifting coaches in Perth who I had trained with many years ago at The Mill crossfit. The course was one of the best things I have done for not only my personal lifts but also teaching classes and clients. So good now I am being coached under Bob Pavone at Olympifit to lift in my first Olympic Lifting Comp in Oct this year. I would recommend PTC to beginners all the way through to the advanced. The boys do a great job and should be very proud of what the have and continue to achieve in Perth.”

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