12 Millrose Drive, Malaga WA 6090 Australia


My experience at PTC has been a very enjoyable one and also a growing one. As a teenager who is passionate about his football (soccer), I was looking for a way to get fitter, stronger and faster. Paul and Dan from the very beginning where very welcoming and easy to talk to, they listened and understood what I wanted to achieve and came up with a personalised plan that would help me do this. Over the course of my time there I accomplished what I wanted and more. Paul and Dan where always encouraging and on hand if I needed any advice regarding equipment, technique or motivation. The atmosphere in the gym was always conducive to a great session with pumping music that got you in the right frame of mind to have an amazing workout and I looked forward to going every time.

Kosta Sparta

Quite possibly the greatest gym in Perth. Dan and Paul have created the perfect environment to train. Its a lifters nirvana of squat racks, platforms and benches. Ive trained in gyms all over Perth for the last 15 years and the team here have instantly made this my favourite. Well done ptc crew.

Dale Smith

I first heard about PTC from a friend and decided to check it out for myself. I have trained regularly over the last 20yrs and seen many not achieving results because of the lack of support once you have signed up and paid. PTC is unlike anything I have experienced, the positive atmosphere, the guidance and ongoing support from Dan & Paul Rucci has allowed me to continue to set goals and achieve them. This may sound cliche but we are a family of lifters, regardless of age, gender or experience who whole heartedly support each other. PTC is more than a gym, it is a way of life, come on down, experience it for yourself, you will be damn glad you did!

Dani Pearsall

The best equipped facility in Perth, with a great training atmosphere to go with it. Catering for strongman, powerlifting, Olympic lifting and general athletic and sports performance. There's just no other place like it!

Daevid Anderson

Well done Dan and Paul gym looks amazing love seeing posts and results. You're changing lives with your dedication to your members. It's been a while since I caught up with you boys but you're both as I remember - leaders, hard working and dedicated men. Keep it up maybe one day soon you might see myself and my man in your gym.

Lilian Pipicelli

Awesome Training Environment, Friendly and Supportive crew. I look forward to every session.

Neil Fellowes

PTC is the mecca of performance training in Perth. The environment is fantastic, the equipment of exceptional quality, and the coaching staff knowledgable and approachable. This is not a place where you bring a "PT" to scream at you to train harder while texting on their mobile phone. It is a serious, dedicated environment promoting physical performance through rigorous, challenging training. An absolute asset to the WA community.

Jamie Strauss