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Personal Trainer

What made you become a PT?

Throughout my experience of training myself and others, I have seen the benefits you can take away from gearing your lifestyle towards fitness and seeing progression. Realising I have value that I can add to people’s lives and help them get to where they need to be is what inspires me to train people.

What’s your most memorable moment to date with one of your clients?

Whether it be changing someone’s perspective on training or teaching someone how to move properly I find all of my clients’ successes memorable. However, at the moment the one that sticks out the most in my mind would be 17-year-old Todd who was able to add 40kgs to his deadlift after taking an interest into strength training.

What had changed about yourself since training other people?

I have realised how different people are person to person. How different peoples’ lifestyles can be and how finding what fits your lifestyle is the key to success.

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