12 Millrose Drive, Malaga WA 6090 Australia

CJ Furguson

CJ Ferguson

Weightlifting Coach

Personal Trainer

CJ has been a qualified personal trainer for 6 years and in that time has been Training as  an Olympic lifting athlete. He has worked, coached and trained around some of the best and is currently finishing a Bachelor of  Sports Science.

At present, CJ trains at a national level and competed at the 2015 National Championships in Melbourne. He also played semi-professional Football for 10 years and competed in various CrossFit competitions.

What made you become a PT?

While growing up, I was involved in individual and team sports where I found my love for training. Through my teenage years I played semi-professional football in the WA state league and was a part of a specialised soccer program through ought high school and this is where Olympic lifting was introduced to myself and the passion for strength and conditioning, and new form then I wanted to be a specialised strength and condition coach.

What’s the most memorable moment to date with one of your clients?

To be honest, seeing all my clients succeed is memorable enough and the look of achievement they give me when the have hit a personal best or the weight loss they have accomplished keeps me in the job I love.

To date my most memorable moment would be my client Libby competing in her first INBA comp and placing second. Lots work was put in as a team and I am very proud of our achievements so far.

What has changed about yourself since training other people?

Since I started coaching, I have become more disciplined and built respect for hard work and dedication and realised nothing in life is easy and will always find a way to throw and lemon your way every now and again, it’s how you put the lemon in the bag that counts.

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