12 Millrose Drive, Malaga WA 6090 Australia

Powerlifting Coach

Brian is a qualified Personal Trainer and an experienced elite level Powerlifter, having competed in 8 competitions and holding current Junior World & Australian Records in the 82.5kg weight class. His current personal best lifts are: 267.5kg Squat – 175kg Bench Press – 300kg Deadlift all at under 82.5kg bodyweight.

Brian recently competed at the 2016 GPC Australian Powerlifitng Titles on the Gold Coast and placed second in the 82.5kg weight class. His next focus is ProRaw 9 at the Arnold Classic.

Brian has a passion for competitive sports and represented Australia in the Pacific School Games in 2008 for middle distance running and won multiple WA State Titles in Athletics.

Brian has a very methodical approach to strength training, and bases his training methods on current research and studies, which guarantee you won’t be using outdated methods or approaches to training. He is also very knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition, and has experience in dropping down to very low body-fat percentages and knows how to peak for a bodybuilding show.

Brian has experience in training other athletes – which have all had success with his programming.

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