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Powerlifting Advanced and Competition Training Course

This course builds on the knowledge and skills learnt in the Powerlifting Fundamentals course. Perfect for the lifter, trainer or gym goer looking to expand their knowledge or prepare for competition.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion.

The Powerlifting Fundamentals Course is a prerequisite.


The course is run over 2 days.


Powerlifting Fundamentals Course


Discounts apply for PTC members and management clients.


  • Module 1 (Fundamentals Review): A review of the Powerlifting fundamentals course content. Powerlifting introduction. Anatomy and bio-mechanics. Training and programming. Common injuries and injury prevention. Q&A.
  • Module 2 (Training and Programming 2): Athlete case and assessment. Periodisation. Developing the annual plan. Training phases and mesocycles. Frequency of training. Periods of recovery. Monitoring training loads and other data. Competition preparation and tapering. Designing training days. Video analysis and qualitative feedback. Exercise selection.
  • Module 3-4 (The Squat): Referee calls. Regression and progression. Variations and accessories. Personal equipment. Knee wrapping. Q&A.
  • Module 5-6 (The Bench Press): Referee calls. Regression and progression. Variations and accessories. Personal equipment. Wrist wrapping. Q&A.
  • Module 7-8 (The Deadlift): Referee calls. Regression and progression. Variations and accessories. Personal equipment. Wearing and using a belt. Q&A.
  • Module 9 (Nutrition): Introduction to Physiology. Macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients. Energy requirements and balance. Weight loss. Making weight for competition. Competition preparation. Recovery from training and competition. Supplements. Special needs. Travelling.
  • Module 10 (Competition): Competition itinerary. Weigh in. Attempt selection. Game day tactics. Rules. Competition etiquette. Athlete psychology. Arousal techniques. Competition plan. Warming up.

There is no requirement to participate in the practical component if you are unable to.


Dan and Paul Rucci


” I personally know the Rucci Brothers. I’ve trained with them and done workshops at their fantastic facility. These great men are more than qualified to help and teaches others, of any skill level, all about Powerlifting and Strength Training. I fully support this event!!”, Ed Coan

“I got to know the Rucci brothers while I was in Perth and can’t say enough great things about them. They are hard working, intelligent, and thoughtful and well learned and spoken in the area of coaching the powerlifts. If you are in the area or in need of two very good coaches please look into this.”, Paul Carter (Lift-Run-Bang)

Testimonial from Brooke Martin

“Wow, what an amazing weekend guys. Thank you so much for driving the 6hrs and taking the time away from your lives and your other clients to come help us all have a better understanding of Powerlifting as a sport! How amazing it was to feel a part of the PTC team and be helping my friends from Kalgoorlie feel the passion powerlifting can evoke. You can tell that powerlifting means a lot to Paul and yourself and that you live and breathe not only the sport but helping the rest of us achieve our absolute best potential! So much excitement for the future as part of the team and also to use what I have learnt to improve my personal lifts but also my knowledge as a coach at Crossfit Kalgoorlie #ptceducation”.