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Online Coaching

Our professional coaching services are available online and are suitable for clients of all levels of experience. Our clients have a range of personal goals including competition preparation, body recomposition, general fitness, strength training, rehabilitation and sports development.


The online coaching package:

  • Assessment and evaluation week upfront
  • Personalised training plan distributed weekly
  • Open line of communication
  • Fatigue management
  • Nutritional guidelines
  • Weekly video analysis and technical feedback
  • Competition attempt selection and warm-up plan
  • Competition day coaching pending availability



$30/week (minimum 12 week commitment)



Dan Rucci and Paul Rucci


What Maria Isaac has to say about our Online Coaching
“When I first met Dan Rucci in mid-2014 I had one goal; that someday I would compete in a powerlifting competition. Having never competed in anything before, I knew I needed a coach. Fast forward a year and I am now 3 weeks out of my 3rd competition.

Throughout this journey Dan has opened my eyes to what my body is capable of when given structure and the right programming. His depth of knowledge, encouragement and patience, have helped me achieve more than I had ever anticipated. With programming that continually challenges and motivates me, and honest, consistent feedback that helps me improve, I hit new PBs every week.

Dan is a passionate and inspiring individual. He wants to see everyone grow and do well in this sport. He’s believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, and I trust him completely.

If you’re looking to better yourself by learning to be more disciplined with your training and work smarter towards your goals, then look no further than PTC Perth. The Rucci brothers lead by example and will help you reach any strength or fitness goal you have. You will undoubtedly get stronger, and in more ways than just one.”


If you are interested in online coaching please fill out the form below to express your  interest and one of our coaches will get back to you promptly.