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Gym Calendar

Keep an eye on what we are up to at PTC by following our Gym Calendar. All the competitions, courses, seminars and events we host or are part of are listed here along with relevant details.

Our FB events page has a more thorough calendar of events which are kept updated. Check it out at https://www.facebook.com/PTCPerth/events/

  • October 06 2018

    Powerlifting Advanced and Competition Training Course

    This course builds on the knowledge and skills learnt in the Powerlifting Fundamentals course. Perfect for the lifter, trainer or gym goer looking to expand their knowledge or prepare for competition.

  • October 20 2018

    2018 GPC TJMES Powerlifting Nationals

    The GPC Teens/Juniors/Masters/Equipped/Single Lift Nationals! A premier event for lifters who fall outside of open competition and allows them to compete with others in their own age group.

  • November 04 2018

    PTC November Novice Powerlifting Competition

    This is your chance to step up onto the platform and have a crack at our great sport. Don't be shy! This competition is for novice lifters and is designed to give you an opportunity to lift without the pressures of large competition.

  • December 02 2018

    2018 GPC National Push/Pull Competition

    The National Push/Pull is an annual event whereby a national winner is determined from each state competition. It's the last event on the calendar and is always a fun one to be involved with. Finish the year off with some new personal bests!

  • January 13 2019

    2019 GPC Western Classic

    The first installment of the new GPC Western Classic! We've slotted this competition in to the WA schedule to provide more opportunity for lifters to compete in GPC and put up qualifying totals for Nationals. This will be a one day event and is limited to 70 lifters and is perfect for new lifters to GPC.

  • February 03 2019

    PTC February Novice Powerlifting Competition

  • February 17 2019

    2019 APU WA Cup

  • March 02 2019

    2019 GPC WA State Powerlifting Championships

  • March 09 2019

    Powerlifting Fundamentals Course

    This course gives the participants the necessary background to compete in the sport of Powerlifting. Perfect for the novice lifter, trainer or gym goer looking to expand their knowledge or prepare for competition.

  • May 12 2019

    2019 APU Perth Open

  • June 01 2019

    PTC June Mega Novice Powerlifting Competition

  • August 04 2019

    Ladies of Lifting Novice Powerlifting Competition

  • September 01 2019

    2019 APU WA State Powerlifting Championships

  • September 14 2019

    2019 GPC Perth Cup – presented by Pastacup

  • November 10 2019

    PTC November Novice Powerlifting Competition