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2018 APU Perth Open


The 2018 APU Perth Open is a PTC Powerlifting event in conjunction with the Australian Powerlifting Union (APU). The APU is the provisional International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) affiliate in Australia. The APU Perth Open is an APU...

Long term client progress – Dale Smith


Took the time to review some long term progress with Dale, and I'm very pleased with these results. Dale came to me with a best squat of 200kg, bench 150kg (touch and go) and a 275kg deadlift. (2/7/15). His first sanctioned competition was the...

2018 GPC WA State Powerlifting Championships


Wow... what a weekend. Massive. Thank you to everyone involved, especially our team who helped with the running of the comp. It's a massive effort and there's a lot more that goes on than people realise. The simple things like emptying rubbish bins...

Dan interviews with Strength Squat – How Strength Sports in Australia Compare to the U.S. & Westside vs. The World


While in the US, Dan was interviewed by the lads at Strength Squat to talk about all things PTC, Powerlifting and Westside. It goes for about 45 minutes, check it out!

PTC 2018 February Novice Powerlifting Competition


The first novice powerlifting competition of 2018! A fantastic day of lifting with plenty of new talent taking to the platform for the first time. Congratulations to all the lifters. PTC Perth @ YouTube Enjoy the...