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Happy Birthday PTC! 5 Years Old!


Today marks a special day in our history.... today PTC Perth turns 5 years old. Long post warning.. sorry! But, worth a read. :) Just over 5 years ago, three of us decided Perth had a severe lack of strength & conditioning facilities,...

Shoulder Mobility in the Squat


The low bar back squat can be very demanding on the shoulder and arms. With the bar positioned on top of the Rear Deltoid, the Humerus is externally rotated under load. Inadequate mobility of the Thoracic Spine can cause Scapula Dysfunction...

Joint Torque and the Deadlift


Our bodies do not produce linear force. Our muscles produce rotational forces which we call torque, to move our limbs that create movement. Some people often ask, why do Powerlifters Sumo deadlift? The answer lies in bio-mechanics! To stand up...

Wrap-up after the 2016 GPC Push/Pull


With the GPC Tri-Nation Push/Pull over that concludes the events at PTC for the year. Its hard to describe the year we've had but were very grateful to everyone for the support and help. This year we've run 6 comps - 3 novice comps and 3 GPC...

Are you front squatting?


Front squats, for the most part, are avoided by many. Why? Well people avoid the things that they find hard or are no good at. It's human nature. Who wants to do things that they are no good at or find overly difficult? Not many. This reason in...