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6-Week Barbell Basics Program

This group program is catered for the novice lifter looking to start barbell training. The program is tailored individually in sessions to ensure participants are progressing at a rate equal to their level of experience and ability.

The barbell basics program includes:

  • 6-week progressive strength program.
  • Program pack.
  • Group coaching scenario.
  • Team oriented training – typical of PTC.
  • Questions/Answers available via private Facebook Group.


The course is run over 6 weeks.


There are 18 programmed training days (3 training days per week).

Participants have 1 supervised training session per week, with the expectation the remaining training days are done outside the group. Each supervised training session runs for 1 hour.




The 6 week program progresses participants through the skills of barbell training. The back squat, bench press, deadlift, row, military press and power clean are demonstrated and taught to participants.




Dan Rucci and Paul Rucci

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