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Athlete Management Service

Our clients have a range of personal goals including competition preparation, body re-composition, general fitness, strength training, rehabilitation and sports development – we do specialise in the sport of Powerlifting with experience in all facets of the sport. We do however manage clients in a range of other sporting disciplines including rugby, soccer, martial arts and more.

Our new Athlete Management Service provides a holistic approach to athlete development and delivers a level of service other “online coaching” fails to deliver. We have coached hundreds of lifters with plenty of success from rehabilitation all the way through to elite performances on the platform.

We offer three available levels of service, designed to suit your budget and support requirements. We do recommend the silver level for the most optimum level of service and support.

Assessment and Evaluation

Appropriate assessments and evaluations are conducted where required. For new clients, initially a Technical Evaluation (TE) will be required whereby your strength, knowledge and technical proficiency are evaluated.

Personalised Training Plan

All clients specific training plans are individualised based on their requirements. Our approach to athlete development relies heavily on quality exercise selection and no two athletes are the same.

Annual Planning

We work with our clients to forward plan their training blocks based on their goals. Planning is essential to minimise unknowns and allows the client to understand the phase of training they are in and how it relates to the next.

Nutritional Guidelines

We are able to provide nutritional advice based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

Nutrition and Body Composition (add on service)

Mandatory co-operation with our Clinical Nutritionist Taryn Rucci (BHSc NutMed).
A professional and comprehensive holistic service for your nutrition and health.
Regular accountability with your check-in which allows us to adapt your nutritional requirements to your goals and training progress.
Clinical Nutritionist consultations are at an extra cost (See services page). These consults are also available via Skype.

Recovery Management

We utilise our “Stress and Recovery Questionnaire” to manage client recovery over time. Having our finger on the pulse in terms of external sources of stress allows us to provide a more well rounded, quality coaching service.

Competition Planning

For clients competing in Powerlifting, we will plan your competition from attempt selection to game day strategies.

Competition Day Coaching

On game day, we will make ourselves available (free of charge), whenever possible, to coach and handle you on the day.

FB Group

As a client you will have exclusive access to our private FB groups where we provide additional content, feedback and discussion on a range of topics.


Each client will check-in with us periodically and provide video which we will provide qualitative technical feedback on, as well as allowing us to make necessary program/planning changes.

Per Training Block Weekly Unlimited
Unlimited Contact

For those clients requiring more contact outside of the planned check-ins. These would include text, e-mail and social media contact points. We provide a min 24-hour response time but most of the times it would be same business day.

Discount on 1-1 Coaching

Clients receive a discount on our 1-1 Coaching based on their level of service up to 15%.

5% 10% 15%
Discount on Powerlifting Courses

Clients receive a discount on our Powerlifting Courses based on their level of service up to 15%.

5% 10% 15%

$26/wk for members
$39/wk for members
$58/wk for members
plus Nutrition and Body Composition

+$13/wk +$20/wk +$30/wk

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