12 Millrose Drive, Malaga WA 6090 Australia

Not Your Regular Gym

PTC is not a commercial gym. There are no annoying sales people; there are no lock in contracts or hidden fees. There are lots of bars, lots of weight and lots of racks.

All of our members are dedicated and turn up every week to give it 110%, and that is all that is expected. If our members are not improving, then we are not improving.

Leave your ego at the door and join us today.

Club Records

Male Record Board
  Class Squat Bench Deadlift Total
 67.5kgYianni - 210kg
Yianni - 127.5kg
Yianni - 240kg
Yianni - 577.5kg
 75kgYianni - 250kg
Yianni - 155kg
Yianni - 300kg
Yianni - 705kg
 82.5kgLinus - 322.5kg
Ando - 182.5kg
Brian - 312.5kg
Linus - 772.5kg
 90kgLinus - 332.5kg
Aaron - 190kg
Darwin - 320kg
Darwin - 787.5kg
 100kgRait - 330kg
Rait - 207.5kgRait - 355kgRait - 892.5kg
 110kgNeil - 320kg
DanP - 192.5kgTim - 317.5kg
Tim - 810kg
 125kgTrent - 350kgTrent - 210kgAbs - 295kg
Trent - 812.5kg
 140kgCarl - 300kg
Carl - 200kg
Abs - 310kg
Carl - 800kg
 SHWNate - 282.5kg
Nate - 225kg
Abs - 335kg
Nate - 782.5kg
Ladies Record Board
  Class Squat Bench Deadlift Total  
 44kgKat - 82.5kgKat - 50kgKat - 117.kgKat - 247.5kg
 48kgJess - 85kgJess - 52.5kgJess - 110kgJess - 247.5kg
 52KgDani - 142.5kg
Dani - 80kg
Dani - 130kg
Dani - 330kg
 56kgJess - 125kg
Dani - 72.5kgJess - 157.5kg
Jess - 342.5kg
 60kgDani - 142.5kgDani - 80kgDani - 155kgDani - 377.5kg
 67.5kgAgnes - 160kg
Agnes - 82.5kgAmy - 167.5kgAgnes - 407.5kg
 75kgAmy - 175kg
Amy - 102.5kgAmy - 202.5kgAmy - 480kg
 82.5kgKat - 195kgAmanda - 85kgKat - 190kg
Kat - 467.5kg
 90kgAmanda - 145kgAmanda - 77.5kgAmanda - 157.5kgAmanda - 380kg
 SHWClaire - 180kgThalz - 80kg
Claire - 165kgClaire - 422.5kg


Dan Rucci


Head Coach

Remedial Massage Therapist (Dip. Rem. Mas., AAMT)

Paul Rucci


Head Coach

Adam Yeates

Adam Yeates

Exercise Physiologist & Sports Scientist (B.ExSc.)

CJ Furguson

CJ Ferguson

Weightlifting Coach

Personal Trainer


Nicole de Mello

Strength & Conditioning Coach


Josh Woodham

Personal Trainer


Luke Tomlin

Strength & Conditioning Coach


“I personally know the Rucci Brothers. I’ve trained with them and done workshops at their fantastic facility. These great men are more than qualified to help and teaches others, of any skill level, all about Powerlifting and Strength Training.”, Ed Coan

“I got to know the Rucci brothers while I was in Perth and can’t say enough great things about them. They are hard working, intelligent, and thoughtful and well learned and spoken in the area of coaching the powerlifts. If you are in the area or in need of two very good coaches please look into this.”, Paul Carter (Lift-Run-Bang)


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Gym Calendar

  • March 23

    2018 GPC WA State Powerlifting Championships

  • May 13

    APU Perth Open

  • May 19

    Powerlifting Fundamentals Course – 2 Day Intensive